Rainbow Lorikeet digital drawing.jpg

A time lapse of a part of the making of a digital painting I created using a Wacom Intuos tablet and Art Rage software. This painting is about the suffering of innocent civilians in war zones, and the price they pay for authoritarians and warlords to make more money and gain more power.

Furniture designed, made in Syria 2008 then moved to client's apartment in Dubai, the design followed the natural theme requested by the client, made of walnut and olive wood, bronze, and synthetic glass.


Since I graduated from faculty of fine arts, whenever I got the time, it's always fun to grab a brush, a pencil, or even a ball pen, and lose myself in front of a white canvas or piece of paper

Kind of a new work related hobby I've got, learning python to develop my beloved software Blender 3D. I basically started learning Python programming language to help me make things easier while working in Blender, since then I couldn't stop, I just fell in love with Python! I managed thanks to it to develop an Add-on for Blender, called Easy-align, published it on my Github account under GPL license, for everyone who wishes to use it to feel free doing so.