Graphic Design

Chino is a well known brand in Cyprus, try going into any coffee shop and ask for a cup of Chino, no need for more explanation, you'll get an icy cup of coffee milk shake. 
Untill 2013 that was what Chino is all about, then the company decided to use their well known brand name promoting their new products, instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee, espresso, filter-coffee and cappuccino.

Chino Espresso, Aromatic Filter, Cappuccino, Filter Coffee

Little Monsters is a pet shop in Limassol, Cyprus. My contribution is the design of the new services flyer and window graphics back in 2013 while working for Devine Advertizing.
All graphics in flyer and window graphics are created specially for Little Monsters using Illustrator, no purchased stock is included.

Little Monsters Pet Shop graphic design, flyer and window graphics

Qatar Petroleum is one of the largest companies in Qatar and the Gulf region, 2015 was the year QP celebrated it's 40th anniversary.

Qatar Petroleum 40th Anniversary celebration concept art prints booths and advertisements

ELOMAS is a supermarket located in Cyprus, Preparing for Launch in 2013, this smiley face variations are created to be ELOMAS Smiley, the idea was to create a smiley face which is a notorious figure, but to give it a character, to be distinctive enough to be associated with the brand.

Elomas Supermarket character design and window graphics

As a part of events jobs, collateral and prints need to be provided, listed here are some of the collateral work I did for events I worked on.

Collateral and prints for events in Qatar

Perfection appears in many shapes, Roosters original recipe is just one of them.

Roosters chain restaurans logo, concept art, prints and packaging

A collection of graphic design and typography artworks

Al Salam Stores magazine ad and many other graphic design artworks done by Georges Dahdouh